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Hominum is a by-invitation-only community of CHROs and other senior Human Resources executives who come together to share insights, to network, to provide and receive career advice, to stay current with all things Human Resources. Free for qualified members.

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Join Hominum community and connect with Human Resources executives from some of the world’s leading and most innovative companies.

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Membership Benefits

Membership in the Hominum community is absolutely free! All we ask for is to contribute to the community by dedicating a just few hours of your time on a regular basis.

Membership Bronze

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Free for qualified members. Must contribute 2 hours per year.

  • Weekly CHRO Wire newsletter
  • Access to membership database to connect and network
  • Access to a private CHRO Slack channel/CHRO Google group with real-time feedback to your questions and issues
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Elite Member (Free!)

Free for qualified members. Must contribute 5 hours per year.

  • Everything in Basic benefits, plus
  • Career counseling, private job opportunities
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Free for qualified members. Must contribute 10 hours per year.

  • Everything in Basic benefits, plus
  • Access to exclusive private business and social events

Hominum for Vendors and Startups

Hominum offers a number of options for vendors, advisors, and consultants to corporate CHROs to engage with our community:


For pre-seed startups

For early state pre-product HR Tech startups, Hominum offers 10 discovery conversations with potential customers – senior corporate decision makers – in a two-week sprint.


For early stage startups

For seed/A round HR Tech startups looking for product/market fit, Hominum offers demo opportunities with potential customers – senior corporate decision makers – so you can get a few logos on the wall.


For cyber VCs

For early stage VCs in HR Tech space, Hominum offers access to a first - rate network of CHROs and other C- , VP- and Director - level Human Resources executives that will generate instant added value to your portfolio companies.


For Vendors

For midsize and enterprise HR Tech companies, Hominum offers a thought leadership series that channel your best insight to your high-value potential clients, on demand and at scale.

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  • Amazon
  • Mastercard
  • Citigroup
  • ATT
  • Salesforce
  • Zoom
  • Adidas
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